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my top: ASOS / jeans: Windsor

All these photos were from the other day in our backyard! Its been so fun having Chauncey with us!!! Oh my gosh we love him. David taught him to fetch and sit! (I realize I talk about him like he is a baby as I share his little puppy milestones haha but he is my baby for now ;) ) Plus, before we got him I had been looking at Golden Retriever puppies online like crazy – for years. So this is real life google cuteness and it kills me.

Okay I also stopped posting what I am eating EVERY DAY because I felt like it was getting redundant and I felt like the girl in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days when Kate Hudson is telling the girls about her plan to lose him and how she is going to call him to tell him what she ate that day and then the girl says “what’s wrong with that?”. Please tell me you know every scene of that movie like I do?? K good. Well yeah I felt like that haha so if you want to know kinda what I am doing for my diet see: here

I am sorry we don’t have a Daily Fav today! I was lazy this weekend and totally forgot to pick one so check back tomorrow for one!! xx

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Floral Dress

IMG_5813 IMG_5832IMG_5906IMG_5872 IMG_5797IMG_5934 IMG_5776 IMG_5701 IMG_5689IMG_5957

dress: ASOS / heels: J. CREW / earrings: IVY LANE  / lipstick: Revlon Siren
Hey girls! If you are in Utah you should come to Fashion Place Mall tonight to the Evening of Fashion! I would love to hang out with all of you there and get to meet all of you! So come on down, its at 6pm and you can find all of the details HERE !

Okay so I got this dress a bit ago and I absolutely love it! In these photos I didnt boost the color or contrast or put any filters on them, this is literally how bright the shoes and dress are! I was looking for some BRIGHT shoes and was so happy to see these on the J Crew website!!

But I hope you guys can all come tonight I would love love love to see you!!

Todays Daily Fav is Jenna!! I am a sucker for good photography and her website Five Foot Seven is filled with it as well as some fashion and delicious recipes! You can check out her feature: HERE

Posted On : April 5, 2013 at 6:13 am, by amber
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My Go-To Loose Curls Tutorial


If you saw that instagram yesterday ^^ you’ll know I have a tutorial for you all today! It is a simple loose curl that is kind of my go-to!!

curling iron used: NuMe 25mm Wand / lipstick worn: MAC ‘Pink Nouveau’ / shirt worn: ASOS / eye linerMAC liquid liner


So if you read my post a couple days ago, I’m going to Barbados for my Birthday in may, so i’m really trying to get swimsuit ready! So today, i’m boxing again, and the muscle group i’m working out is chest. I had some oatmeal with blue berries and black berries for breakfast (my new favorite!), for lunch I’m having some lemon chicken and steamed veggies over brown rice, and for dinner we’re having black bean pesto wraps!!!

 Today’s Daily Fav is actually a friend of mine! Her name is Shannon and I was so happy to see her instagram a daily fav pic because she just started a blog about her cute family and you all will love it!! Check out her feature: HERE

P.S. A lot of you asked about my dress and heels from my instagram on my way to the gala- well I am featuring the outfit tomorrow but for those who asked and wanted to see it now- DRESS: HERE / PINK HEELS: HERE (on sale AND an extra 30% off during this weeks sale!)

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J. Crew Sale


 J. Crew has been having some sales lately and I keep catching myself adding more things to my cart. I just bought a few things from their recent sale going on now, plus an extra 30% off SALE  with the promo code SUNSHINE so figured I would share some of the things I bought as well as the other things I wish I had bought :) Enjoy!

Ok, so today, i’m having yogurt and granola for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and for dinner i’ll be having some lemon chicken and asparagus.  If you missed my workout plan, it’s HERE.

Today’s Daily Fav is Jaylyn from the Red Closet Diary.  I have been dying for some black and white striped pants and I love the ones she is wearing in this photo! I may have to copy her:) Check them out HERE!

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Some Photos Lately

IMG_4636IMG_4052 IMG_4091 IMG_412522 IMG_4548IMG_4645IMG_4141IMG_459211 IMG_1591IMG_4763 IMG_4804IMG_174933IMG_4778IMG_4851IMG_1771IMG_4590

Okay I know they are basically all pics of my dog…. but I had to get it out! I really really really just love him! And how cute is Kannon, Adam and Sheridan’s baby?? So darling!! It hurts! Chauncey was so fascinated watching me curl my hair with my new NuMe Style Wand haha it was so cute. Which by the way, I have a tutorial coming up!

For the rest of the week for my Barbados Diet for those of you who asked, I will just be eating similar things to this diet I posted: here. Basically just no carbs after about 2pm/lunchtime! Omelet for breakfast today and veggies with brown rice for lunch and I am not sure about dinner.. probably a protein shake and more stir fry :) I clearly don’t like to mix things up hah

Today’s Daily Fav is Jody from Jodybchic.com ! She has a fashion blog and she also has amazzzing long locks that I envy! Check out her feature: here

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