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Deep Condition

As many of you know I am a hair stylist.. I am not currently doing hair but I was for the past 4 years or so and at my salon I charge $55 for a deep condition treatment. When girls ask for it I always say that I am happy to do it (obviously, it is business for me) but I also recommend just buying a deep conditioner for the around that same price and that way you can do them at home weekly by yourself. Some people just want the salon experience with the nice head massage and blow out but if you would rather get more bang for your buck buying a deep conditioner is the way to go. The only problem I found was that, in my salon I would put them under the dryer for 15-20 min for the heat to help open the cuticle and let all the nutrients in, and at home I didn’t have a dryer. So I rigged one. I know different versions have been on Pinterest but this is what works best for me.

I wash my hair with hot water in the sink with shampoo like normal, then I towel dry it just so its not dripping – you want it wet but not where its going to drip down your neck- then I put my deep conditioner on, clip it in a ballerina bun, wrap saran wrap around it (helps lock in the heat) – sit under my blow dryer/running shoe contraption, then rinse with cool water. It is my favorite thing to do for my hair because it makes it so silky smooth and it feels so healthy afterwards. So here is how I “set up my dryer”

DISCLAIMER: I 100% realize this is the most ghetto thing ever and quite hilarious but ya know who is seriously gonna go buy a hair dryer? And I am definitely not holding my blow dryer up for 20 minutes haha so this is what works for now :)

IMG_8373 IMG_8354 IMG_8371


blowdryer: here / deep conditioner: here / shampoo: here

Pretty easy right? And it works like a charm!! I use my NuMe blow dryer on low speed with high heat and I wait about 15-20 min! I also shampoo with my NuMe shampoo which I just got and love and then I always switch off with deep conditioners so my hair doesn’t get too used to it but right now I am also using my NuMe deep conditioner.. it will make your hair so silky whenever I use it and I am washing it out I can never tell if I still have conditioner in there or if it is really just that silky and it really does just make your hair a dream not to mention it is SO reasonably priced and lasts you forever!!

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Lunch Outside


^^ David was practicing his casting (for fly fishing)…. he watches videos on it and then practices which I am guessing is the equivalent to us watching hair tutorials or something?? I don’t know I don’t get guys but its cute watching him :) IMG_7367IMG_7243IMG_7189IMG_7351 IMG_7258 IMG_7201IMG_7179IMG_7263IMG_7223IMG_7354IMG_7249IMG_7317

striped blouse: J. Crew / sweater: Free People / sunnies: ASOS / hat: F21 / vase: Tai Pan / serving stand: Tai Pan / plates: Anthropologie / mugs: Anthropologie

So this past weekend David and I had lunch outside in the backyard since it was such nice weather. It eventually got so warm I had to go change into short sleeves! (of course right now its FREEZING) but it was nice while it lasted. I had gotten a cute vase and serving stand from Tai Pan Trading and was excited when David brought home some tulips for me so I could finally use my vase and gave me an excuse to set the outside table even if we were just having BLT wraps :)  I am a sucker for anything tortoise and couldn’t resist a tortoise vase! I can’t wait til we can be outside all the time and just leave the backdoor open. Minus- we get deer running around daily in our backyard and Chauncey currently LOVES eating deer poop … I guess it looks like puppy chow? Or maybe he just loves poo.. either way he finds a way to sneak it without me seeing and I find out when he comes to give me kisses and his breath smells odd….. yeah gross I know.

Today was a crazy day… just so many heavy hearts after hearing about the Boston marathon. Lots prayers and love for them. Its nice for the country to feel united in tragic moments like this as we all keep them in our thoughts.


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Statement Necklace

necklace: Nordstrom / skirt: ASOS / heels: J. Crew / blazer: Nordstrom / lipstick: Revlon ‘Ravish Me Red’

We were in Vegas recently with some friends and my friend Alexa had on this amazing necklace and I knew I had to get it…. So I copied her :) It is the best statement necklace I have seen in a while and it goes with so much. (necklace: here) It is from Nordstrom’s ‘Savvy Trends‘ shop which I am OBSESSED with.. they have all the latest trends and at very reasonable prices, I have already purchased a few things. You can check out the Savvy Trends department: here.

Also a side note on the skirt – it is one of my new favorites! It is long, it goes up to right under where my bra is and I love it with shirts tucked it, or shirts over top like I am wearing here but it is very long and I am 5’10″ so if you are short, I would just keep that in mind :)

Today for our last Daily Fav we have Mia – an adorable girl from Aussie and her featured photo is a subtle and pretty low up do that I want to try on myself!! Click the Daily Fav tab to check it out!!

Thanks to everyone who entered for the Daily Fav I am sorry we didn’t get to everyone but I loved seeing all your photos and your pretty faces! We will do it again some other time!! :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!! xo

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Home T Picnic

^^ Our FAVORITE wrap ever!!! David sort of threw it together last week and we have had at least two every day since! We do: cream cheese, black beans, corn, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, and grated carrots all on a wheat tortilla! Its also really good with kidney beans but we were out! Anyhow, you guys HAVE to try it because its so so tasty!

HER: tee: c/o Home T / pants: c/o Windsor / booties: zara / lipstick: Revlon ‘Ravish Me Red’ / sunnies: Thrift Shop  /// HIS: tee: c/o Home T / pants: ASOS / shoes: ASOS / vest: F21

Are you guys sick of all my puppy pictures yet?! I can’t help it! Plus he has separation anxiety and so I end up taking him everywhere with me.. especially on my days off because I am gone all day usually and David works from home so he takes care of him and so I love to play with him any chance I get!

Anyways we went on a picnic today despite the windy weather. David and I wore our Home T’s (found: here) and they are the softest shirts everrr. And we made our yummy wraps – I put the recipe under the pic! Seriously, we have these wraps daily we love them! The carrots make them so tasty.

Also just want to say thanks to all you sweet girls and your nice comments! They really do make my day and you are all so great :)

PS Daily Fav will start up again next week!! xx

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Black Dress

dress: c/o Sugar Lips / leggings: Nordstrom / shoes: c/o Windsor / necklace: c/o Bip & Bop

Just when we think Spring has sprung it goes and gets ridiculously cold on us! At least here in Utah. Today was my day off and David and I had plans for us and our pup to have a picnic and go on a hike but it was soo windy and cold that definitely didn’t happen! We ended up having a pretty lazy day after we got back from the gym which I was actually very happy about :)

Hope everyone is having a good week!! xx

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